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We offer various programs highlighting the importance of animal shelters and mental enrichment.

Doggy Playtime

Guest Dog | 6th-8th

The objective of Doggy Playtime is for students to learn about the importance of mental enrichment and stimulation. Although physical activity is very important, mental activities lower stress levels, help them learn, and overall boost your pet’s happiness. In this program, students will create mental stimulation toys for pets at the shelter.

Adoption Matters

Guest Dog | 6th-8th

The objective of Adoption Matters is to educate students about how animal shelters make a difference. The humane educator will share real stories of how Gulf Coast Humane Society has changed the lives of shelter pets. Through this program, students will gain a sense of empathy for shelter pets and learn about the significance of animal shelters in the coastal bend. 

The Rescue


The objective of The Rescue is for students to examine and investigate animal cruelty cases. The humane educator will guide the students through a real investigation and teach them ways of how to prevent animal cruelty. Through this program, students will discover the importance of animal cruelty prevention and how to be advocates for our furry friends

Play it Safe

Guest Dog | 6th-8th

The objective of Play it Safe is for students to recognize the meaning of different types of dog body language as well as know what to do when approached by a dog they don’t know. Through this program, students will learn how to handle different dog encounters through role-playing with the guest dog. 

If you would like to request a program, please fill out the form.

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