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The Gulf Coast Humane Society is  a nonprofit, no-kill organization that does not euthanize for space. We regularly operate near or at capacity. This means we are only able to receive dogs and cats as others are adopted and space becomes available. We are limited by clinic and kennel space and by our available financial resources. We do not receive any local or government funding. 


Please see the following guidelines for surrendering an animal:


If you have encountered a stray animal, please contact Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, as that is the best option for reuniting the animal with their owner. GCHS assists the City of Corpus Christi by rescuing animals from animal control and other shelters in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. 

Corpus Christi Animal Care Services:

2626 Holly Road

(361) 826-2489

Is pet dumping a felony in Texas?

Abandoning your animal is illegal in Texas; if you can't take care of your pets, here's how to surrender them. Abandoning your pet is a criminal offense. You can get a misdemeanor or a felony for it. 


 Owner surrenders (including returns) will be taken by appointment only. See below for instructions on scheduling an appointment.

All surrenders will have a $35 surrender fee. This includes returns after 1 month. 


Animals will only be accepted after medical testing and behavioral testing (as necessary).


If you bring in a cat that tests positive for FIV/FeLV you will be referred to a couple of rescues that take FIV/FeLV positive cats to ensure they receive the needed attention they deserve.


If your cat or dog tests positive for heartworms, the owner will be asked to assist with the treatment through a donation. 

To make an appointment, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Incomplete forms or vague information will either not be accepted or you will need to clarify in order to be approved for intake. Our Intake Coordinator will contact you with your next steps. 
Please note that any submission by you or a phone call by you to GCHS does not guarantee you an appointment or that we will take in the pet(s) in question. Our Intake Coordinator or a staff member must contact you with an appointment date and time for when the pet(s) will be considered for intake.

Please direct any questions to our Intake Coordinator at


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