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We offer various programs highlighting the importance of having empathy towards animals and each other.

Dogs Have Heart

Guest Dog | K-5th

The objective of Dogs have Heart is for students to learn about how dogs and humans have the same needs and wants. Because of their similarities, pets should be treated as an equal part of the family. Through this program, students will gain empathy and a better understanding of how a pet should be treated and why.

Play it Safe

Guest Dog | K-5th

The objective of Play it Safe is for students to recognize the meaning of different types of dog body language as well as know what to do when approached by a dog they don’t know. Through this program, students will learn how to handle different dog encounters through role-playing with the guest dog.

Dog Identity


The objective of Dog Identity is for students to understand the importance of having a way to always identify their dogs. Students will learn about dog tags and microchips and how they are used to help find their way home if they get out. In this program, students will create their own dog tags for their own furry friend. 

A stuffed toy dog will be provided to act as their furry friend.


For our older students, this program will consist of creating a poster that encompasses the importance of making sure a pet has a tag and microchip. A select student’s poster will be created by our marketing coordinator and be posted at the shelter.

Pot of Kindness

Guest Dog | K-5th

The objective of Pot of Kindness is for students to recognize different ways to show kindness to their peers and animals. By using teamwork to brainstorm ways to be kind, students will be more aware of how to show their love and kindness through different ways.​ A guest dog will be present on request.

If you would like to request a program, please fill out the form.

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