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Step 1:

Fill out the surrender form below for your animal to the best of your ability, then email at least one full-body photo to
(NOTE: Intake appointment wait times range from 4-8 weeks)

Step 2:

Post your animal on the following websites:
*We ask that your animal is posted on the websites below for the duration of the wait time, or your surrender application may not be considered*

Adopt a Pet Referral Code: RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z

Step 4:

If your animal is successfully rehomed during wait time or you no longer need to surrender, please contact Gulf Coast Humane Society with the update.

Step 3:

While waiting to be contacted, please utilize the resources below for your specific needs. The drop-down menu below has several local options. The link to additional resources will have several helpful articles.

Do you have a pet that you're trying to surrender?
Please follow the following steps in our owner surrender process.


Please see our below policies regarding animal intake:

1. Gulf Coast Humane Society does not euthanize for space and therefore intake availability is dependent on kennel space availability. 

2. Due to an overwhelming number of requests, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

3. All owner surrenders have a fee of $35 to go towards vaccinations, preventatives, and sterilization. This includes returns after 30 days. 

4. All intake applications must have a photo emailed to in order to be considered.

5. We ask that you please follow the above steps to assist in finding placement for the animal outside the shelter. If you are able to place the pet before your intake appointment, please let us know by emailing

6. Please note that any application submission, email, or phone call by you to GCHS does not guarantee you an appointment or that we will take in the pet(s) in question. Our Intake Coordinator will reach out to you when it is time to schedule your appointment. Appointments are made approximately one week in advance. 

7. Animals may be denied due to behavioral or medical issues if we are unable to handle the issue in question. 


Would you keep your pet if you had additional assistance?

Gulf Coast Humane Society would like to assist you in order to keep your furry friend at home. Please see the below resources for free and low-cost options to keep your pet.


Can't find what you need?

Email for personal assistance. 


Please keep in mind that we are operating at maximum capacity at all times - especially due to increases in euthanasia at local shelters. Please help us save the lives of those at risk by attempting to rehome your pet or using our resources below if it will help you keep your pet. If you would like to keep your pet but cannot due to moving, pet deposits, behavioral issues, medical expenses, or another form of hardship, please contact our Outreach Specialist by emailing

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