Exercise and Socialization Program

We love our volunteers, and we could always use more! There are many opportunities for you to help, learn, and enrich the lives of the animals. Not to mention the fact that you can have a ton of fun as a volunteer at GCHS!

There is some training involved with becoming a GCHS volunteer. Here are the steps:

1. Fill Out the Volunteer Application and Agreement.
 Click Here for Digital      and Here for A Paper Copy 

2. Read the handbook.


3. Sign up for safety training on signup.com here 

4. Review Safety Training Powerpoint  


5. Take Safety Training Quiz 

6. Attend Safety training (please be on time, if you are 10 minutes or more late you must reschedule)

After completing safety training you will be a fully trained GCHS volunteer!

Age Requirements:

All volunteers must be at least 8 years of age to accrue hours in the volunteer program.  Those under 12 years must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (no one under the age of 18).  Volunteer ages 14-17 may volunteer independently right away and volunteers 12-13 must be accompanied by a parent for 15 hours before volunteering independently, all much have parental consent. 

Please see the handbook for further information on age requirements. 


The Gulf Coast Humane Society requires volunteers to pay a fee; which covers volunteer shirts and volunteers' supplies. The fees help fund the volunteer program and allow more resources to be expended on the animals.


Adult $25.00

Youth (14 - 17 years of age) $20.00

Parent & Minor $40.00 ($15.00 for an additional minor)

A note for Parents/Guardians:  Our program is very independent.  Please note that there will not be anyone to watch your child directly while they are volunteering.  It is your responsibility as their parent/guardian to trust that they will follow all rules, conduct, and remain on the premises while they are volunteering if you are not present.  If you do not trust that your minor will follow your direction, GCHS is not liable if they leave the premises at any time while they are supposed to be volunteering.

Questions? Email Stephanie  at Volunteer@gchscc.org

Group Volunteering

While we encourage all types of volunteers and offer many different opportunities, the safety of our animals comes first.  Unfortunately large groups of volunteers tend to pose many safety risks to the animals as well as the volunteers. Also due to the size of our shelter it is often difficult to accommodate large groups. Groups can be no larger than 10 at a time.

The best option for groups is to schedule a private training session that can be tailored to different group’s needs or interests. Every volunteer must complete training, which may last an hour or longer. The minimum age limit for participating in group volunteering is 16, parent permission is require fo those who are 16 or 17.

If you would like to inquire about group volunteering or how we can customize a volunteer program to fit your group needs, email Volunteer@gchscc.org with the following information:


Group Name, minimum age of group members, number of group members, prospective volunteer date.

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

email application to admin-assistant@gchscc.org

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