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Foster Failure: Coa Coa’s Story

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The life of a shelter pet is a routine and predictable one. The first day is always scary, but after that, days begin to bleed into weeks and slowly into years. That’s why, at the Gulf Coast Humane Society, we give our sheltered animals a change of pace during the holiday season. Home for the Pawlidays is our biggest fostering event of the year. Foster parents get to bring home shelter dogs from December 23rd through December 28th and give them a week of holiday cheer and a taste of what a home can be like.

Some of these foster parents get so attached to the shelter pet in their care that they adopt the shelter animal soon after fostering. We in the animal care business like to lovingly call this occurrence a “Foster Failure”. Foster failure stories happen more often than you think, and we are elated when they do!

Coa Co