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Rehabiliation: Rex's Story

At Gulf Coast Humane Society, our veterinarians and clinic staff work tirelessly every week to rehabilitate animals brought to us in poor condition. Sometimes, animals come to us with breaks, hair loss, open wounds, and other medical needs that must be remedied immediately. Rehabilitation can take months, but the efforts are worth it once an animal goes on the adoption floor and finds its forever family.

Rex was transferred in from Corpus Christi Animal Care Services in July of 2021. Rex was brought to CCACS as a stray and had hair loss on 60%-90% of his body. It was evident to them that Rex needed medical attention right away. Rex was only seven months old at the time and weighed roughly 25 pounds. It was hard for staff to determine his breed due to his condition. CCACS thought Rex might be a Labrador Retriever mix, when in fact, he was a Sharpei mix.

It was clear by looking at Rex that he felt extremely uncomfortable in his itchy skin. After some assessments, it was determined that Rex had a severe case of Demodex. Demodex is a type of treatable mange caused by tiny parasitic mites. Rex was given Nexgard and Cefpodoxime to treat the Demodex. After a month of treatment, Rex was looking much better, his hair was coming back, and he felt more confident in his skin.

Rex finally made his appearance on the adoption floor at the beginning of September. With his newly found self-assurance, Rex wasn't afraid to show his true self any longer. Rex was a playful yet reserved puppy looking for just the right people to show him the TLC he so desperately deserved.

Rex was on the adoption floor for less than a week when Charles and his beautiful wife spotted him. They were looking for a puppy to complete their little family, and Rex was the perfect fit! Rex met their Chihuahua, and the two pups got along famously from the start. Charles and his wife knew that they couldn't walk out of the shelter without Rex. So, on September 6th, Rex got to take his "going home" picture with his new family!

Rex wouldn't be where he is today without the fantastic job of the GCHS clinic staff and veterinarians. They work day in and day out to make sure all of the animals at the shelter are healthy and happy before being adopted. Like Rex, cats and dogs would not get the treatment and care they needed if not for your donations. Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated if you'd like to aid the Gulf Coast Humane Society with future rehabilitation needs.

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