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Rehabiliation: Rex's Story

At Gulf Coast Humane Society, our veterinarians and clinic staff work tirelessly every week to rehabilitate animals brought to us in poor condition. Sometimes, animals come to us with breaks, hair loss, open wounds, and other medical needs that must be remedied immediately. Rehabilitation can take months, but the efforts are worth it once an animal goes on the adoption floor and finds its forever family.

Rex was transferred in from Corpus Christi Animal Care Services in July of 2021. Rex was brought to CCACS as a stray and had hair loss on 60%-90% of his body. It was evident to them that Rex needed medical attention right away. Rex was only seven months old at the time and weighed roughly 25 pounds. It was hard for staff to determine his breed due to his condition. CCACS thought Rex might be a Labrador Retriever mix, when in fact, he was a Sharpei mix.